Anemia in Renal Failure: How to Relieve the Sign

Anemia in Renal Failure: How to Relieve the SignNearly most renal failure patients will experience anemia, which is threating patients’ life. So, how to relieve the symptom?

First, let's learn the cause of the sign.

In renal failure, the injured kidneys can not carry out its functions properly. As we all know, one of the most important functions of kidneys is producing EPO(erythropoietin), which can stimulate the production of red blood cells. In renal failure, the failed kidneys can not secrete enough EPO, thereby, the shortage of red blood cells will cause anemia.

In addition, we all know the diet for renal failure is very strict. Too strict diet limitation will cause the shortage of iron, folic acid, so, in this case, patients will also present anemia.

Well, how to relieve anemia effectively?

The underlying cause of anemia is the decline of renal function. So, in order to relieve anemia, the primary measure is to improve renal function. Immunotherapy is an effective method that can enhance renal function and restore kidney structure from the root. There are six steps in the treatment, immune diagnosis, immune blocking, immune tolerance, immune clearance, immune regulation and immune protection. After the above measures, immune complex can be clear off effectively, in this case, it is possible to rebuild a normal immune system.

The unique way has saved more than 600 foreign patients from 64 countries due to the enormous clinical effects. By now, more and more foreign patients are coming to China for the effective method. If you have interest in the therapy, email to:, we will provide more details for free.

Except for an effective treatment, patients should keep a reasonable diet. They should limit the intake of salt, fat, protein, and meanwhile, they should supply high-quality protein so as to replenish the body need. Such as, lean meat, egg white, milk, fish, etc should be taken more.

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