What are Your Suggestions for My Mother with Creatinine 4.5

What are Your Suggestions for My Mother with Creatinine 4.5Patient: Hello doctor, good evening. I have question here, my mom have renal issue for past 3 years and her creatinine is 4.5. Her symptoms are vomiting, frequent of motion is 5 to 6 times per day. I would like to have your suggestions, please do reply.

Doctor: Hello, I am a doctor of Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. You leave a message in our website for your mother’s health, right?

If not, please neglect this e-mail.

You said your mother are suffering from vomiting. It needs to be control timely. Or else, she would better to take several times of dialysis for dispelling this symptom. But please do not worry, since her creatinine level is only 4.5 (standing for the third stage of kidney disease), she can stop dialysis when the discomforts is disappeared. However, she can not get a completely cure with dialysis. As time goes by, the kidney condition will be worse and worse for the dialysis patients. So, I suggest you to try natural treatments.

In the meanwhile, your mother need to have a balance and nutritive diets with less salt, less high-quality protein, less fat, none bland food and other limitations. This can help her to recover better and fast.

For the details of the diet plan and treatment suggestions, I need to know more about her physical conditions. If possible, please send her test reports to me. What is more, Which medicines is she taking? How about her appetite? How long have she suffered form vomiting? Does she have any other discomforts? What is her blood pressure?

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