What Natural Treatment is Effective to Reverse Kidney Failure

What Natural Treatment is Effective to Reverse Kidney FailureKidney failure means the kidneys fail its functions to secrete hormone, produce urine and filter the blood. Commonly, we called the lost of the filter capacity in kidneys as kidney failure. While, what natural treatment is effective to reverse kidney failure?


With the needles deeply into the specific acupoints what are found out on the basis of therapeutic theories of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and patients’ individual illness-conditions, the healthy qi will be adjusted to overcome the toxins and to promote the recovery of renal inherent cells accompanied with no pain.

Foot Bath Therapy.

Can you imagine that the kidney condition can be improved during bathing feet with warm medicine soup? Besides, it is salutary for healthy patients to bath feet with simply warm water for half an hour per day. But patients, please consult a doctor first. By the way, our doctor in the internet is glad to help you.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy.

Have you ever heard of these special natural treatments which can rebuild renal function? In the preparatory work of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, the patients need to take a comprehensive examination for a clear diagnosis, based on which, unique herbs from nature will be elected up and its power will be collected into two medicine bags. During the treatment, active substance of the two medical bags applied at the patients’ low back area will pass through the skin via a treatment machine and thus arrive at the lesion directly to recover micro blood circulation, sweep away poisons, and offer enough materials for the renal cells to get revived.

Kindly remainder: healthy life style is very important for reversing kidney failure.

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