Kidney Failure What are the Causes and Treatments for My Father

Kidney Failure What are the Causes and Treatments for My FatherPatient: Hello, I want to know what is the cause of kidney failure.

Doctor: Hello, glad to help you. Kidney failure can be caused by many reasons, like high blood pressure, diabetes, infection, unhealthy living habits and other risk factors. Do you have kidney disease?

Patient: No, it is my father. He went to the hospital due to the foamy urine, however, the doctor told that he had kidney failure and advised dialysis. I do not know how this happened. I've absolutely no idea.

Doctor: Please do not worry. The key to treat kidney failure is to recover his own renal function (or also called detoxification ability). What is his creatinine level or kidney function? Do you know?

Patient: The doctor told 5. But I do not clear whether it is the creatinine level.

Doctor: I see. Do you have his test reports? I need to gain more information about his illness condition and give you the correct suggestions.

Patient: Do you also suggest dialysis?

Doctor: That depends on his illness conditions. But we mainly use Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Foot Bath Therapy or other natural treatments to recover the patients’ oven renal function.

Doctor: How can I give it to you?

Doctor: Please send it to

Patient: How long can I get the reply from you? I am very worried about my father. Can he get cured with your treatments?

Doctor: The treatment result associated with many influence factor. And for his case, he has much opportunities to avoid dialysis. With these natural treatments, many patients with high creatinine level get back to normal, but some only kept the creatinine in a low level. I will communicate with you no more than 24h. Or you can call me by +8618395615012. What is your most common contact information?

Patient´╝ÜOK. I am thankful for any information you will give me. Have a good day.


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