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Renal Failure Prognosis Prevention

What is The Life Expectancy of Kidney Failure with Headache

kidney function is very strong, it is occult to find kidney damage. Kidney can not continue to maintain each system of whole body work properly when there is only 25% kidneys working.That is to say, kidney function will be damaged almost co...Read More

How Long Will I Live with Kidney Failure without Dialysis

As a kidney failure patient, it is common to ask that how long will I live without dialysis? As a matter of fact, how long you will live depends on many things, such as gender, age, physical condition, life style, etc. Every person is differ...Read More

What is Stage 4 Kidney Failure Life Expectancy

Many patients are curious about the life expectancy in stage 4 kidney failure. To be honest, it is difficult to say how long one can survive with kidney disease. The life expectancy in stage 4 kidney failure is different among the patients d...Read More

What Is the Life Expectancy for Stage 3 Renal Failure

“I am diagnosed with stage 3 renal failure, and then can you tell me what the life expectancy is in this case.” According to this condition, we will give you a specific explanation, and we hope it will be helpful for you....Read More

Kidney Failure:Can Patients with Kidney Failure Smoke and What Diet Restrictions Should Be Noticed

Kidney failure patients always are suggested to keep a healthy life style in daily life. However, there are still many patients with kidney failure smoke. Can patients with kidney failure smoke? What diet restriction should be noticed? In th...Read More

The Effective Prognosis of Kidney Failure with GFR 35 without Dialysis

Generally speaking, GFR 35 is in the stage 3 kidney failure, which is unnecessary to do dialysis. But, if patients do not treat the illness condition timely and properly, stage 3 kidney failure will be developed into the end stage, so that t...Read More

The Life Expectancy of Kidney Failure Patients after Dialysis

Dialysis is the common treatment for stage 5 of kidney failure. It can replace kidneys to execute renal function to sustain patients’ life. It has no exact answer to reply that how long a patient live, because different patients have diffe...Read More

The Life Span for Patients with 20% Kidney Function in Kidney Failure

20% kidney function in kidney failure is the forth stage of kidney failure. For patients who are at this kidney failure, they will suffer from a series of symptoms and complications. And the symptoms and complications threats patients life...Read More

Life Expectancy for Elderly Kidney Failure Patients

Due to the Organ aging, elderly people are the main population of renal failure. With the decline of their life quality, they are curious about their life expectancy. In fact, there is not a exact answer for the question, the life expectanc...Read More

Stage 5 Kidney Failure Life Expectancy without Dialysis

When people who are diagnosed with kidney failure, they may be told that do dialysis to maintain their life. However, no one want to do dialysis. Next, we will talk about the life expectancy of stage 5 renal failure without dialysis. The co...Read More

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