How to Treat Simple Kidney Cysts

How to Treat Simple Kidney CystsIn most cases, simple renal cyst refers to one or more fluid-filled cysts in kidneys. With the time goes on, these cysts increase, eventually, the enlarged renal cysts may oppress the surrounding tissues and cells, which cause the decline of renal function, and patients will experience proteinuria, back pain, edema and a number of complications.

How to treat simple kidney cysts?

Usually, the most popular treatment for renal cyst is surgery. To be honest, it really can remove big cyst. However, surgery can lead to infection easily, in addition, once bigger cysts are stop, small one will grow big gradually, it is possible to lead to a vicious loop.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy Hot Compress

In Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy Hot Compress is what you are looking for. It’s an innovation of Traditional Chinese Medicine. With two externally herb bags which filled with processed Chinese medicines adjoining the skin round the kidney position, the effective medicines will get into renal lesions with the aid of osmotic machine. The treatment has got the functions of expanding blood vessels, anti-coagulation and shrinking kidney cysts remarkably. What is more, it may repair the kidney damage and boost the kidney functions. So, high creatinine level or other symptoms will be relieved from root.

What’s more, it may steer clear of the side effects of oral drugs through external way. First, the medicine is going to be micronized so that the active ingredients can be absorbed fully through the body. Then two bags contained shattered medicine will be put on patients’ back. With the guidance of osmosis device, the effective constituents can be penetrated into kidney areas directly.

Medicated Bath

The Medicated Bath liquid is abstracted from nine types of herb plants. During the course, patients may have an entire body bath or foot bath in your own home. It is convenient and painless. Following the bath, the overall physical condition is going to be improved greatly, some obvious changes can be seen, for example, proteinuria and blood in urine can be relieved, which indicate the GFR has been increased.

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