John Brennan, CKD-4 stage, USA

John Brennan, CKD-4 stage, USANAME: John Brennan


AGE: 83 years old


DIAGNOSIS: Hypertensive Nephropathy, CKD-4 stage


“I have high blood pressure for years. This is kinda family disease. You know I am a doctor so I know how to cope with it. It didn’t bother me all those years.” said the patient. However, things changed 35 years ago in 1976, his blood pressure began to lose control even John took prescript medications. “I was 48-year-old then and very strong. I am a physician, and was fully occupied by my patients, my surgeries, things like that. I have no time for my family and myself.” Anyway, John did ignore his illness condition partly because his job, partly because the disease wasn’t that serious, he had no discomforts at all.

But the disease wouldn’t let go. Mr. Brennan’s disease condition got worse than before. “It was one day I spent holiday with my family in our cabin. I retired and finally got time for my kids and my wife. But something tripped me over, but then I found it was my blurred vision that made me fall.” John measured his blood pressure, it was 170/100mmHg. He was sent to hospital in hasten and then was informed with CKD-4 stage.

START OF THE TREATMENT: December 15, 2011


Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, 3 times/day, 45 min/time


Western meidcines


John’s serum creatinine jumped from 1.6mg/dL to 2.4mg/dL before hospitalized Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital. “Those abnormal numbers in his lab reports drove him crazy.” Dr. Liu told us, “he is used to be a doctor and of course, he knows what it means.”

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy was used and John, as himself put it, “I feel warm and sweat a lot. I felt all good after taking the therapy. I heard a lot about traditional Chinese medicine before and now I finally realized how magical it is!” More importantly, John’s high blood pressure decreased since the adoption of Micro- Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, so did his serum creatinine.

Mr. Brennan was afraid that he would blind because of his hypertension. “Now he can sleep at ease. His hypertension is in check, and kidney damage caused by this underlying cause is totally under control. His illness condition won’t progress as long as the blood pressure is stable. Besides, the remaining kidney function has been greatly protected and improved.” John’s attending doctor told us.

Mr. Brennan was in good spirits and more energetic since he received treatments, he also took part in the Chinese New Year Party and ate several dumplings. Get well soon, Mr. Brennan!


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