Wei Min's Story

Name: Wei Min

Country: China

Age: 77 years old

Gender: Male

Diagnosis: Type 2 Diabetes, Diabetic Nephropathy, End-stage Renal Failure, Renal Anemia, high blood pressure, Coronary Heart Disease and Sequel of Cerebral Infarction

Condition before Treatment

Mr. Wei lived with high blood pressure (hypertension) over 20 years, along with 4 years’ Diabetes.

Mr. Wei came to the local hospital for treating his Cerebral Infarction in 2004.

During a physical examination 4 years ago, Mr. Wei was found that his fasting blood-glucose reached up to 14.0mmol/L; urine protein: 2+. He experienced swelling legs for two years and treated in a hospital in Beijing, the condition was controlled well during those two years.

Things changed in 2006, the swelling came back again, and fatigue appeared. The data recorded were as follows:

Serum creatinine: 158.6umol/L; Ucr (urine creatinine): 2457umol/L; Ccr (creatinine clearance rate): 21.3ml/min; urine protein: 2+; size of kidneys: left—9.7×4.7, right—9.1×5.0.

He received treatments in another hospital but with poor effects. What’s worse, his serum creatinine soared to 680.39umol/L. Mr. Wei went to Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital on December 31, 2008.

Treatment from Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital

Mr. Wei was diagnosed with End-stage Renal Failure after running a few tests. Considering of his complicated condition, the hospital gave him intensive care, and went along with kidney-friendly diet in the same time.

Measure the patient’s Bp four times a day, recorded the 24-hour urine output.

Due to the serious metabolic acidosis and Renal Anemia, western medicines were used to cope with the serious condition first. After the condition was controlled, Immunotherapy along with Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy was used for dealing with his condition.

Condition after Treatment

Mr. Wei’s serum creatinine decreased to 566.6umol/L after 12 days’ treatment. His urine color darkened as time goes by, the swelling legs disappeared, and dregs in his urine increased day by day. The serium creatinine reduced to 531.03umol/L as the last lab report. As Mr. Wei said, he was able to sleep at night, the fatigue got much better than before. “I will adhere to your treatments after discharge. I do believe that I can live another ten years.” Mr. Wei said emotionally.


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