PKD Patients Arrive At Beijing for Traditional Chinese Medicine

Our Hospital is a specialized kidney diseases hospital, combined chinese medicine and western medicine for treating kidney diseases. Increasingly, lots of patients come to our Hospital for traditional chinese medicine treatments. Here is a Story of patient with Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD).

Half a year ago, due to infection of renal cyst that he was hospitalized for 15 days. Blood in the urine disappeared. He was discharged from the hospital. However, 10 days later, he experienced a New infection with severe back pain.

In order to get effective treatments, he started nosing around about hospitals. Finally, with the introduction of other renal failure patients, he found our Hospital that he decided to come here for receiving a systematic Treatment of Chinese Medicine.

Before treatments, creatinine level was 234umol / l, protein in urine 2 +, the largest renal cysts is 5cm.

After a period of treatments, he felt much better. Back pain and other symptoms disappeared Naturally.

Our treatments are aimed at shrinking the renal cysts, and improving renal function in gradually. In this way, renal cysts are treated from the root. The Chinese Medicines may prevent the secretion of cystic, AND cystic Fluid can be removed from your body. In this way, renal cysts will be small. This can reduce the Oppression in the kidneys. Then, Chinese Medicines can directly reach the kidney lesions to repair the damaged Kidney tissues and damaged kidney cells, which can improve renal function gradually through expending blood vessels, improving Blood Circulation, Preventing inflammation and coagulation, degrading the extracellular matrix and providing Nutrients. In this way, the high creatinine level and other symptoms will disappear Naturally.

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