Philippines Diabetic Nephropathy Patients Reborn In China

VICTOR, from Philippines, a patient with a 13 year history of diabetic nephropathy. He was deeply impressed by his illness.

In 2005, during the physical examination, urine protein 2+ and creatinine 246.4 moI/L, which was diagnosed as "diabetic nephropathy and chronic renal failure (decompensated period").

When reviewing in May 2010, the serum creatinine had risen to 475 moI/L, and the kidneys began to atrophy. However, because of the ignorance of kidney disease, and the doctors did not explain it in detail, there was still no treatment.

In March 2014, the symptoms of dizziness appeared. He went to the hospital for examination. He found that blood pressure was as high as 180/100mmHg and the serum creatinine was 572 moI/L. The local hospital took 2 times of hemodialysis a week and was given amlodipine. But after several months of treatment, VICTOR found that dialysis did not improve his kidney disease.

In order to get further treatment, he came to our hospital. When the patient was admitted to hospital, the blood creatinine was 859 moI/L, and he entered the uremia. Director Lu doctor told him that the reason why this happens, because the illness conditions was delayed, and he almost did not receive any formal treatment. Otherwise, the treatment is dialysis and controlling high blood pressure, this is not any improvement of renal function itself, which leads to the deteriorating condition, eventually developed into uremia stage.

When VICTOR was admitted to hospital, the appearance of uremia was very serious. Not only his complexion was poor, but also the electrolyte was seriously disturbed. We adopted a more efficient and safer blood purification method - hemofiltration, which carried out an emergency blood purification for him. To deal with emergency symptoms, the treatment of VICTOR kidney function was given and traditional Chinese medicine was restored. First, the use of detoxification therapy helps him to clean up the toxic and harmful substances that accumulated for many years. Second, Chinese herbal medicine directly reaches the focus, repairing kidney damage and structure, thus improving renal function and fundamentally solving the complications of uremia patients.

On the ten days of treatment, VICTOR felt much better. Not only did it improve, but also the symptoms of dizziness and nausea also improved significantly. Blood pressure also recovered smoothly, and creatinine also decreased. Before leaving hospital, we heard him say in the ward to other patients: "I really regret that my condition has been delayed so that I developed into today's uremic stage. I really appreciate the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine to bring new hope to my life.


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