How creatinine 1400 is Reduced safely

NAJIYAN, 62years old this year, comes from Iraq. He comes to china accept traditional chinese medicine therapy because of kidney problem,the following is his story.

Proteinuria appears 9 years ago and checks his creatinine is higher than normal range, blood pressure 120 / 70mmHg,protein+,occult blood+, creatinine 86umol / L.

3years ago,swelling appear on her legs.In 2014,she lived in the hospital of iraq because of headache, at that time, blood pressure was tested 150 / 90mmHg,protein 2 +, hemoglobin 105g/ L,creatinine 1400umol / L,urine nitrogen 50mol/L, her mental condition and diet were very poor, some symptoms like stomachache 、diarrhea 、 arthralgia often appear.

Her son searched in the web and find china kidney hospital, after communication with doctors, he accompanied with his mother came to china

According to her medical history and examining report, doctor diagnosed him as: chronic glomerulonephritis, chronic kidney failure, renal hypertebtion, renal anemia, metabolic acidosis and hyperuricemia, doctor formulates Traditional Chinese medicine Detoxification treatment and short time dialysis treatment for her.

Her appetite began to get better after half a month of therapy, she can eat some soft food. Sleeping condition had a very big improvement,swelling disappear completely. Creatinine is declined to 864umol / L.

when she leaves the hospital,the times of dialysis has been reduced from three times a week to twice a week. She continuea use traditional Chinese medicine treatments after going home.

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