How Old of My Kid Can Stop the Relapse of Nephrotic Syndrome

How Old of My Kid Can Stop the Relapse of Nephrotic SyndromeVisitor: How old of my kid can stop the relapse of nephrotic syndrome?

Doctor: Hello, glad to help. Nephrotic syndrome required a treatment, and it can not be self-healed with the growth of age. What is more, the nephrotic syndrome will develop into kidney failure or even uremia quickly if it reappears frequently. Does your kid have any discomfort now?

Visitor: I read the article and it said that the children with nephrotic syndrome can return to the normal life without the occurrence of the symptoms of nephrotic syndrome, is it right?

Doctor: That depends on the patients’ personal illness conditions. With timely treatment, the children can harvest normal life and study, but if they miss the time to reverse the illness, they may need to undergo dialysis. Can I gain more information about your kid. I will give you more suggestion.

Visitor: Is it a private talk?

Doctor: Yes.

Visitor: OK. He has the protein in urine and he is taking the hormone.

Doctor: I see. What is his creatinine level or kidney function?

Visitor: It is 96 umol/L. And he had nephrotic syndrome when he was 2 years old.

Doctor: What is his age?

Visitor: 16. Would your treatment cure him?

Doctor: Our treatment can help him dispel the protein and the side effects of hormone naturally. And it can also improve his immunity and clean up the blood circulation. By this way, he can prevent the relapse of nephrotic syndrome.

Visitor: Do you have any scientific evidence.

Doctor: Yes. There are some limitations, so I need to show it to you by other ways. What is your contact information?

Visitor: E-mail.

Doctor: All right. There is my contact information: Whatsapp: +8618395615012, E-mail: I will contact you within 24h.


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