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Nephrotic Syndrome Symptoms

How to Cure Swollen Body in Nephrotic Syndrome

Swollen body is a common symptom in the ictal phase of nephrotic syndrome. With some hormones, the swollen body will be disappeared. Aside from the serious side effects of hormone, the swelling in the body is easy to come back. While, how t...Read More

How Bad Is Creatinine 3.47 For Nephrotic Syndrome Patients

We all know that the creatinine 3.47 shows the serious damaged kidneys, but how bad is creatinine 3.47 for nephrotic syndrome patients? Nephropathy syndrome is a group of clinical manifestations which are caused by kidney problem. To be hon...Read More

Nephrotic Syndrome Patients with High Creatinine Level Should Not Take Dialysis

Generally speaking, nephrotic syndrome patients will take steroid to treat this condition in the early stage. But it can not play effects for some patients. So, doctor will suggest them take dialysis as the treatment. To be honest, nephrotic...Read More

Why Does Nephrotic Syndrome Cause Leg and Hand Cramping

Nephrotic syndrome is a disease which becomes more and more common in modern life. Various diseases can cause nephrotic syndrome, and nephrotic syndrome can cause various symptoms, too. One of the symptoms is leg and hand cramping. Then, wh...Read More

How to Ease Anemia in Nephrotic Syndrome

Anemia is a common complication of nephrotic syndrome, the injured renal cells fail to produce enough EPO for the formation of red blood cells. Without red blood cells transferring oxygen and nutrition, nephritic syndrome would suffer from...Read More

Weight Gain in Nephrotic Syndrome: Cause and Treatment

Weight gain is a common symptom of nephrotic syndrome. The poor performance of their body often bothered them a lot. This article will have a analysis about the cause and treatment for nephritic syndrome patients with weight gain. The cause...Read More

Why Do Children with Nephrotic Syndrome Suffer Nose Bleeding

Children with nephrotic syndrome may suffer symptom of nose bleeding, but not all nephrotic syndrome patients would suffer nose bleeding which is related with the cause, treatment and complications of nephrotic syndrome. Here will have a in...Read More

The Complications Caused by Nephrotic Syndrome

Nephrotic Syndrome is caused by many kinds of reasons. When patients are attacked by the disease, the permeability of glomerular basement membrane will increase, occurring a series of clinic syndromes such as a lot of protein urine, edema,...Read More

Why Do a Person with Nephrotic Syndrome Present Vomiting

Many nephrotic syndrome patients complain they have poor appetite and experience vomiting. Then, why do a person with nephrotic syndrome present vomiting? In nephrotic syndrome, the failed kidney can not carry out its function as normal, th...Read More

Proteinuria Reason: For Patients With Nephrotic Syndrome

Most patients with nephrotic syndrome will experience proteinuria, so, what is the cause of protein in urine with the disease? Next, we will give you the answer. Nephrotic syndrome is a nonspecific renal disorder characterized by a number o...Read More

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