Treatment for High Blood Pressure in Nephritis

Treatment for High Blood Pressure in NephritisNephritis is the inflammatory change of kidney innate tissues which is caused by the immune-mediated inflammatory mediator, and the inflammatory will lead to kidney function decline at different degree. This inflammatory is caused by many kinds of pathogenesis and during the chronic process of the disease, some non-immunized and non-inflammatory mechanisms also cause damage to the kidney. And Nephritis is easy to lead to high blood pressure which is hard to control and cause damage to heart, brain, kidney and other viscera. More seriously, it can lead to kidney failure. So nephritis patients are always looking for a treatment for their high blood pressure.

High blood pressure is mainly caused by the lesion of renal artery, leading to the hemadostenosis. And the lesion of renal artery is caused by the inflammation and toxins in blood. So patients who want to lower their high blood pressure must treat their nephritis.

“four+seven” treatment in China to fight against kidney disease

“Four” means four kinds of medicines:

A bottle of Maikang Composition, it is very effective in cleaning the toxins in blood.

An dose of oral Chinese medicine every day, it is changed in time according to the recent condition of patients and can clean the turbid toxins, stasis toxins, stagnant toxins in blood.

A dose of external application with Chinese medicine: it is the most common way to used to treat kidney disease, it has the functions of promoting blood circulation and dissolving blood stasis.

A basin of foot bath medicine: it works on the veins of foot which are related with blood circulation of the whole body.

The “seven” refers to the ways of approaching medicines

Hot compress therapy: it is apply on the shenshu acupoint around the kidney area and active substances of Chinese herbs can work on kidney directly.

Steaming therapy: it manly work through the expending skin capillaries of whole body.

Medical bath therapy: with it, patients will excrete a lot of urine and sweat, cleaning the toxins in body.

Acupuncture therapy: according to the symptoms, acupuncture on the lesion parts.

Enema therapy: injecting the Chinese medicine to the intestinal tract.

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