Is There Any Special Medicine for Kidney Disease Treatment

Is There Any Special Medicine for Kidney Disease TreatmentGenerally speaking, steroids, dialysis and transplant are common treatments to kidney disease patients. However, these therapies have many side effects. Thereby, is there any special medicine for kidney disease treatment?

The essence of the problem is that the authoritative persons do not know the reason of kidney disease until now. That is to say, no one can explain clearly the cause of kidney disease. With regard to the repetition of kidney disease, it is also the same principle. As people can’t discover the root of disease, they also can’t find a radical cure of the disease therapy. Since the disease can’t be eradicated, the symptoms will show up repeatedly sooner or later, which is the fundamental reasons for kidney disease’ recurring appearance.

As for the problem whether all the nephritic patients will transform into uremia, answer is like this: as long as the kidney disease enters into the range of chronic disease, it will develop into uremia without special reasons. It is certain that time will be dissimilar in uremia. However, the development direction of kidney disease would be uremia with regard to the evolvement features of kidney disease.

Based on this, Toxin-Removing Therapy is put forward by Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicne Osmotherapy to active Qi and blood circulation, dispel the inflammations, drive out poisons materials, etc. By this way, the kidney function can be protected well, and it will be fortified as enough necessary things are sent to the kidneys with blood. Hence, the discomforts can be eliminated, the creatinine level can be reduced, and the patients can hold a high quality life without dialysis.

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