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Nephritis Treatment

How to Deal with Proteinuria in Nephritis Once and Away

As we all know, it is normal for nephritis patients suffering from long time proteinuria or relapsed proteinuria. While, how to deal with proteinuria in nephritis once and away...Read More

How Can My 8 Year Old Some Get Rid of Nephrotic

Visitor: My 8 year old son has nephrotic. Doctor: I am sorry to hear that. But please do not worry, your child can lead a normal life with the help of effective treatments. Here I need to know more about his conditions and thus give you the...Read More

Foamy Urine Is It Right to Receive Hormone

Once the foamy urine appears, some patients may ask the doctor for hormone to cure it. While, is it right to receive hormone at this case? What is the foamy urine? Foamy urine may be considered as an index of kidney problem by many patients...Read More

Nephritis Is There Any Need to Cure Occult Blood

Occult blood will keep for long time in the situation of chronic nephritis. Usually, the patients do not see the red color in the urine or have any discomforts, but the urinalysis showed occult blood. W ell, is there any need to cure occult...Read More

Can You Come Off Of Kidney Dialysis Once You Start It

Can you come off of kidney dialysis once you start it? My mother only take dialysis for a month. And her urinary volume is about 800ml/24h. You know, it makes my mother very weak. Is there still possible for her to get rid of dialysis? Many...Read More

How Would Chinese Herbal Medicine to Treat Chronic Nephritis

As time goes by, the chronic nephrotic will gradually develop into uremia even the patients insist the healthy diets and lifestyle as well as the routine medicines. In this case, h ow would Chines herbal medicine to treat chronic nephritis?...Read More

Is There Any Special Medicine for Kidney Disease Treatment

Generally speaking, steroids, dialysis and transplant are common treatments to kidney disease patients. However, these therapies have many side effects. Thereby, is there any special medicine for kidney disease treatment? The essence of the...Read More

Immunotherapy Help Prolong The Life Expectancy Of Chronic Nephritis

Chronic nephritis is one kind kidney disease, the process of disease is slow, patients will develop into end stage renal disease with no right treatments. So all chronic nephritis patients want to know how to prolong life expectancy effecti...Read More

How To Increase Urine Volume In Chronic Nephritis

Less urine means that your kidney has some problems. If you are in less urine, or foamy urine that you should do tests in hospital. Hi, doctor, protein 3+, occult blood 2+, high blood pressure, swelling. I was diagnosed chronic nephritis, s...Read More

What is the Treatment to Reduce Protein 8g in Urine in People with Nephritis

Nephritis is a very common type of kidney disease. Patients are more likely to appear some clinical symptoms and complications. Protein in urine is the most common one. Therefore, patients are eager to know what is the treatment to reduce p...Read More

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