Effective Treatment for Reducing Swelling of Legs in Nephritis

Effective Treatment for Reducing Swelling of Legs in NephritisSwelling is the common symptom of nephritis, which firstly occurs around the eyelid, and later in the whole body, especially in legs, so that patients can not walk at all. How to reduce swelling of legs in nephritis effectively?

The basic condition of the patient:

Recently here is a nephritis patient who has swelling in legs. This patient comes from Bolivia. He has accepted many treatments in his country, but the effects are not very satisfied. Through one of his friends introduce, he heard our hospital—Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital, which a professional kidney disease hospital for has experienced 30 years history. To achieve the aim of walking freely and live a better life, he decided to come to China for taking treatment.

When he just came to our hospital, his leg is swelling seriously, so that he can not walk freely, just relies on wheelchair. The expert team made systemic treatments for him according to his specific condition. We should know the reason of swelling is because of damaged renal tissues and cells, thus there is too much fluid can not be discharged out of body. So, the proper treatment should focus on repairing damaged kidneys and restoring renal functions from the root.

How to reduce swelling of legs in nephritis effectively in Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital?

Maikang Mixture is necessary to increase his immune. One of the most effective treatments here is Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy Hot Compress, which based on TCM without side effects for patients. Through the functions of dilating blood vessels, increasing blood circulation, and anti-inflammation, gradually the damaged kidneys of patient will repaired a lot and kidneys will work again. There is no doubt that excessive fluid can be excreted out of body naturally.

Through our treatment, his swelling disappears gradually. With the illness conditions turn to be better and better, he and his wife can play in the Water Park, which is around our hospital. We all believe he can walk freely again soon. Best wishes!

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