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Nephritis Symptoms

Effective Treatment for Reducing Swelling of Legs in Nephritis

Swelling is the common symptom of nephritis, which firstly occurs around the eyelid, and later in the whole body, especially in legs, so that patients can not walk at all. How to reduce swelling of legs in nephritis effectively?...Read More

Hematuria in Glomerulonephritis: Cause and Treatment

Glomerulonephritis is caused by the deposition of immune complexes, leading to damage to the deposition part. When the renal cells are injured, patients will suffer some symptoms. Hematuria is one of them, and it really scared patients a lo...Read More

Hair Loss in Chronic Nephritis : Cause and Treatment

Generally speaking, hair loss is the normal phenomenon of metabolism. However, some people may suffer Pathological hair loss when their hair loss is more than 100 hair in one time shampoo. When people are attacked by nephritis, they usually...Read More

Knowing Early Symptoms of Nephritis Is Good for The Prevention of Renal Failure

Nephritis also can be called as glomerulonephritis which is a common kidney disease in clinic. According to the different symptoms, the disease can be divided into chronic nephritis and acute nephritis. But when many patients found that the...Read More

In Nephritis: Creatinine Level 6.3 Indicates What

Creatinine level 6.3 with nephritis should not be ignored, so, in nephritis, creatinine level 6.3 indicates what? Next, we are going to talk about the question. Nephritis is a kind of kidney diseases, as we all know, kidney is an important...Read More

Why Does Nephritis Lead to Swelling

Swelling is the most noticeable sign of nephritis, so, why does it occur? How to relieve the symptom? In this article, we will give you the answer. Nephritis refers to inflammation of kidneys, it can be caused by infection, but in most case...Read More

Why Do Chronic Nephritis Patients Experience Tiredness

Tiredness is a common symptom of chronic nephritis, so, why do patients experience the sign? How to relieve the sign? Next, we will give you the answer. Chronic nephritis is a progressive disease, with the time, renal injury will become mor...Read More

Why Does Edema Occurs In a Patient with Nephritis

Nephritis refers to inflammation of filters in kidneys. So, some symptoms and complications will occur, such as, edema. Then, why does edema occurs in nephritis patients? The causes of edema in nephritis may include: Water-sodium retention...Read More

Nephritis: Causes and Treatments for Proteinuria

For people with nephritis, they are usually plagued by a range of symptoms including proteinuria, then, how does it occur and what are the treatments? ...Read More

What are the Complications of Nephritis

Nephritis refers to a kidney disorder, in which the glomeruli in kidneys became inflamed and thickened. In this text, we will introduce some of the possible complications of this disease. ...Read More

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