Diet for People with Nephritis and High Blood Pressure

Diet for People with Nephritis and High Blood PressureFor patients with nephritis and high blood pressure, they may have such a doubt: what is the proper diet for me? Then let us have a look at the following contents.

In normal condition, kidneys can filter metabolic products and extra fluids out of the blood. Meanwhile, it can help regulate blood pressure. However, for those with nephritis, due to decline of renal function, extra waste products and fluids will build up in the blood. Meanwhile, less renin will be released, thereby, hypertension will appear.

A proper diet play an important role in the treatment of hypertension for people with nephritis. In general, they are suggested to follow low-salt diet, low-protein diet and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.

Low-salt diet Less intake of salt can help lower the risk of water-sodium retention and high blood pressure. Therefore, patients can eat more fresh, unprocessed foods. And the intake of salt should be within 2-3g per day.

Less intake of protein foods A low-protein diet is also necessary for those sufferers. As a result, protein-related wate products like urea nitrogen, creatinine, etc will be less common. However, as the illness condition varies, the specific amount should be different. If you are not clear about this, please send us your latest medical After careful discussion, our experts will provide you a satisfied answer.

Fresh fruits and vegetables In most cases, they are suggested to eat more fruits and vegetables. However, not all fresh fruits and vegetables are suggested, because some of the foods are loaded in potassium. Such as, banana, tomato, potato and so on.

Except for a healthy diet, healthy living habits like quit smoking and drinking, certain medicines, effective treatments and so on are also helpful.

If you have been diagnosed with nephritis and high blood pressure, we really hope the tips on diet can be helpful. Anything unclear, please consult with our online doctor directly. Best wishes!


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