Healthy Diet for Patients with Nephritis

Healthy Diet for Patients with NephritisNephritis refers to the inflammation of glomeruli in the kidneys. For patients with this disorder, a proper diet can help delay its progression to a large degree. Then what is the healthy diet plan?

High-quality protein

To relieve the burden of kidneys, patients with nephritis should try to avoid eating too much protein foods. However, they can eat some high-quality protein foods. And the foods that are rich in protein include lean meat, fish, egg, etc. If you are interested in the detailed information, you can email and our experts will provide you useful advices as soon as possible.

Low-salt diet

When kidneys are damaged, the extra fluid and sodium will not be excreted properly. Therefore, swelling and high blood pressure are more likely to occur among those patients. To live more healthy, the intake of salt should be no more than 3 g per day. In addition, patients should avoid eating salted foods, processed foods, etc.

Balance of fat and cholesterol

For patients with this disease, they should try to obey low-fat diet and low-cholesterol diet. Therefore, the risk of having cardiovascular disease can be decreased. And foods that are rich in fat and cholesterol should be avoided, such as, dessert, ice cream, peanut, etc.

Fresh fruits and vegetables

Fresh fruits are considered better choices for those with nephritis, because they are rich in vitamins and fiber. However, as some fruits are high in potassium, sufferers should be cautious when selecting fruits. If you are interested in this, you can consult with our online doctor directly.

If you have been diagnosed with nephritis, we are always here to help. Except for dietary regime, experts at our kidney disease hospital also provide patients with effective treatments. Any interests about this, you are welcomed to leave us message below. Best wishes!


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