Nephritis can be treated? Why it need have long treatment?

Nephritis can be treated? I believe that this is the biggest problem of the vast majority of nephritis patients. Want to know the answer? I will tell you right away.

Kidney has the function of producing urine, draining the body's metabolic product. When kidney has inflammation, it will cause the edema, frequent urination, urine out, traces and other symptoms. Kidney need to keep relatively stable environment of purification, in order to maintain the acid-base balance, adjust blood pressure. So kidney has heavy burden.

Patients with chronic nephritis, it is easy to aggravate illness and attack the lost original treatment once they meet adverse factors. Why chronic nephritis didn’t cured, recurrent instead easily? The reasons as followed:

1. The treatment is not completely.

Not proper treatment. Many patients with acute chronic nephritis had not been to normal hospital for treatment, even use drug of renal toxicity (antibiotics). This action is not only bad for treatment, but in the great degree increases condition, and eventually to end-stage kidney disease - uremia.

2. Treatment is proper, but they stop taking drugs immediately as soon as feel better.

Many patients have insufficient understanding of kidney disease. They think treatment for a period of time, there are no obvious symptoms, and then they think their diseases cure. They will snub treatment or simply no longer treatment. On the contrary, no matter what disease, after physical symptoms disappear, patients must go through a period of consolidation treatment. So a lot of patients with acute chronic nephritis, although have no symptoms, it is easy to relapse.

3. After recovery, patients do not pay attention to diet.

Do not pay attention to diet: always cannot carry out the doctors’ prescribed diet, eating foods with high sodium and potassium. So that increased the burden of kidney and heart.

Overwork: such as in heavy manual labor and strenuous exercise, etc. All can make the aggravation of chronic nephritis.

4. Infection by other diseases.

Don't be disappointed! Actually most can be treated nephritis patients. The efficacy of treatment is good or bad, it depends on whether the treatment is timely and reasonable. More important thing is related to patient's own health measures (e.g., diet, rest).

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