Symptoms of Kidney Infection to Prevent Nephritis

Symptoms of Kidney Infection to Prevent NephritisKidney infection refers to that there are some pathogenic microbes including bacteria, parasites, fungi and viruses growing and breeding in kidneys, leading to congestion, edema, inflammation, change of tissues structure such problems. The common disease caused by kidney infection include nephrotuberculosis, nephropyelitis and so on. There are some symptoms appearing when kidneys are infected, and here will have a introduction which should people pay more attention to in case of the happen of further kidney damage.

Fever and chills. Due to the infections, the immune system will make responses, so patients would get fever.

Back pains. Congestion and edema would drag the renal capsular and the nerves around the kidneys, so patients would suffer back pains.

Urinary frequency and urgency. If the infection is related with the kidney tubules, with the functions of concentration and dilution declining, patients would suffer from urinary frequency and urgency.

Laboratory detection. Patients may suffer from pyuria and there are white blood cells in urine. Germiculture culture was positive and infectious blood picture.

In addition, patients with serious kidney infections also maybe suffer from gastrointestinal problems such as nausea and vomiting, diarrhea and so on. But patients should have a clear test in case of the misdiagnose.

All in all, people should pay more attention to their physical conditions, once they are diagnosed with kidney infections, the timely treatment is very necessary to prevent the happen of nephritis. For common people with the normal kidney functions, they can get recover easily, but for patients with kidney problems, kidney infection is dangerous for it may lead to further kidney function decline.

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