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Overview of Medicated Bath

Overview of medicated bath

Medicated bath have its own unique curative effect to kidney diseases, which is attached much importance by the medical field. It is for thousands of years that medicated bath have been used for treatment in china. It is recorded that medicated bath was started since Zhou dynasty which is one of Chinese dynasties between B.C. 1046 to B.C. 771. Through thousands of years' experience, many recipes for medicated bath have been handed down in china.

Medicated bath in Huaxia kidney disease hospital

Huaxia kidney disease hospital is one of the biggest hospitals committed to kidney diseases around the world. In fact it is one of the few hospitals to have comprehensive therapeutic methods to treat kidney diseases. The most advanced equipments for tests and experienced and specialized experts enable us to offer you the most effective treatment.

Our hospital started to provide medicated bath in 2010. In public baths, there are separated bathing pools for individual patients. Besides, we also have luxurious and comfortable single bath rooms for patients' need. More than 20 specialized nurses serve to direct and help patients to have medicated bath.

All the herbs in recipes are planted, processed, stored, and boiled by our hospital. We never buy Chinese herbs or medicine for we have our own good filed to plant herbs and pharmaceutical factory to process them. Thereby the herbs are all safety for human body.

Now we have seven recipes of Chinese herbs for patients with different kidney diseases. These recipes are worked out by the most experienced and renowned experts in Chinese medical field. They can dredge the tiny blood vessels, accelerate the microcirculation, discharge toxic substances, and adjust the electrolyte and acid-based balance etc in order to reduce the level of blood sugar, serum creatinine, blood fat, uric acid, high blood pressure and eliminate protein and blood in urine. Most patients feel comfortable and many symptoms are remitted after the medicated bath.

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