Scientific Diet Rules for Lupus Nephritis Patients in Different Stage Classification

Lupus nephritis is the most serious complication of lupus. Most of the lupus nephritis patients would step into end stage renal disease within 10 years. So patients really need have a good control of their disease, but the disease is easy get relapse which is mainly related with the unhealthy diet. For lupus nephritis patients, diet plays an important role in controlling the development of the disease, and at different stage classification, patients need follow different diet rules.

1. Patients who are in the active stage should keep insist eating foods that are easy to digest and light, such as vegetables and fruits which are rich in vitamins.

2. Patients with renal insufficient and obvious symptoms such as oliguria, high blood pressure, edema or others should keep the low salt and low protein diet. In addition, they also need limit the fluid intake.

3. Patients in catabasis without obvious symptoms can eat foods like common people, but there are some foods which are forbidden for lupus nephritis patients, for example:

(1) Fry foods: lupus also can lead to the gastrointestinal lesion, so they usually suffer the poor digestion function. Fry foods can heavier the burden of gastrointestinal and lead to further damage to human body.

(2) Oily and heavy foods: blood vessel lesion also is the complication of lupus, high fat foods can cause further damage to the blood vessels. In addition, having too much salt intake can increase the burden of the kidney, lead to water and sodium retention, so the daily salt intake should keep in 5-8g.

(3) High benzene ammonia protein foods: foods such like beef, dairy products, soybean milk skin, dried fish, fava beans, soybeans and so on all are not suitable for lupus patients for they are easy cause relapse.

The foods what we mentioned can induce the lupus directly or promote the development of the disease, so patients should quit them.

The key to treat the lupus nephritis is controlling the lesion activities, steady the physical condition and protecting the kidney function. Although lupus nephritis is difficult to treat, with timely and effective treatment and scientific diet, patients can be cured and live a normal life. Now if you want to know more information about lupus nephritis diet or treatment, you can contact our online doctors, leave us messages or send email to, we will reply you within 24 hours.


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