List of Foods that Lupus Nephritis Patients Should Avoid

List of Foods that Lupus Nephritis Patients Should AvoidLupus is a kind of immune system disease which can influence the organs and tissues of whole body. And lupus nephritis patients also can belong into lupus patients. For the kidney is very important for people, when it is damaged, patients will suffer more and lose more. And there are a list of foods that lupus nephritis patients should avoid in their daily life. With the help of healthy diet, patients usually can suffer less.

1. No foods which can increase light sensitivity: according to related data, the hard light can increase the skin damages, and foods such like fig, milk vetch, rape, yellow mud snail and celery can increase the light sensitivity. Once lupus nephritis patients have them, they should avoid the sunniness.

2. No high protein food intake: lupus nephritis patients usually suffer a lots of protein urine which can lead to further kidney damage. Too much protein intake will heavier the burden of kidney, so patients should avoid high protein foods.

3. No high fat foods: lupus nephritis patients also suffer the poor digestion, so they are suitable for some light and digestive foods and avoid the foods with high fat.

4. No high sugar foods intake: generally speaking, lupus nephritis patients need long time taking glucocorticoid to control the symptoms, so they are easy be attacked by sterol diabetes and adrenogenital syndrome, so lupus nephritis patients also need control their appetite, avoiding high sugar foods as much as possible.

5. No high salt foods: lupus nephritis patients also are likely to suffer edema and too much salt intake can lead to water and sodium retention, so they need the low salt foods intake.

We really hope this list of foods patients should avoid can help lupus nephritis patients a lot. And if you want to know more information about lupus nephritis diet or ask for treatment suggestions, you can contact our online doctors, leave us messages or send email to, we will reply you within 24 hours.


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