Diets and Foods for Lupus Nephritis Patients

Diets and Foots for Lupus Nephritis PatientsLupus nephritis will produce much influence on human body with a bad prognosis. Except timely treatment, nursing, healthy lifestyle and diet also play an important role in controlling the development of the disease. Especially for the diet, it is the most common and necessary thing for lupus nephritis patients. Here will introduce you the diet rules and list the foods which are suitable and which are forbidden for lupus nephritis patients.

The forbidden foods for lupus nephritis patients:

1. spicy foods such as peppers, shallot, garlic and so on can stimulate the more serious kidney damages.

2. Foods such like caraway, celery, oilseed rape, fig and so on can increase the light sensitization which can heavier the facial erythema lesions for lupus nephritis patients. Patients who eat them should avoid the sunniness.

3. For common people, seafood are easy lead to allergy. For lupus nephritis patients, anaphylaxis is a main cause for further kidney damage.

4. Drinking and smocking is bad for the development of disease.

The suitable diet rules for lupus nephritis patients

1. High quality protein foods: lupus nephritis patients usually suffer protein urine, so they often feel weak. But too much protein intake can heavier the burden of kidney, and patients have to take some high quality proteins to support their normal activities in daily life.

2. Low fat foods: patients usually suffer the poor digestive function, so they are suitable for digestive foods and light foods.

3. Low sugar foods: long time glucocorticoid foods intake are easy lead to diabetes for lupus nephritis patients. So controlling the foods and sugar intake are very important for patients.

4. Low salt foods: lupus nephritis patients with the kidney damage taking much salt are easy suffer edema, high blood pressure such symptoms.

5. High calcium, vitamin foods: patients can eat more vegetables and fruits to prevent the bone disease caused by glucocorticoid.

It is no doubt that the scientific diets and foots play an important role in keeping healthy. But the most important thing for lupus nephritis patients should be the timely and effective treatment which is the key to live a healthy and normal life for lupus nephritis patients. And if you want to know more information about lupus nephritis diet or treatment, you can contact our online doctors, leave us messages or send email to, we will reply you within 24 hours.


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