Is Lupus Nephritis a Fatal Disorder

Lupus Nephritis occurs when SLE affects the kidneys, and most people with this disease usually have such a doubt: Is lupus nephritis a fatal disorder?

Frankly speaking, the illness condition can be mild, moderate or severe. And most of the people may experience the following symptoms, such as, hypertension, swelling, fatigue, blood in urine, butterfly rash, proteinuria, etc. Therefore, it is significant to do some tests to assess the kidney function. Here, both conventional tests and special tests are available. If you are interested in this, please consult with our online doctor for free.

Is Lupus Nephritis a Fatal Disorder According to the statistics, lupus nephritis is not a universally fatal disease. And the majority of the suffers can expect to live a normal life as well as ordinary people. However, if left untreated, it will progress into kidney failure. In this condition, dialysis or a kidney transplant may be recommended to prolong the life span. If not, death would occur eventually.

To help prolong the life expectancy, early treatments seem crucial. Here, immunotherapy is highly recommended. It is a combination of blood-purification technique, western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine.

It is based on the body’s natural defense system, which protects us against from various diseases including lupus nephritis. Generally, it consists of six procedures, an immune diagnosis, immune blocking, immune clearance, immune tolerance, immune regulation and immune protection. For individualized advice, you are suggested to email us the newest medical and then we will contact you as early as possible.

Besides, patients should also follow a scientific diet, keep a positive attitude towards life, kick off the bad habits, take some moderate physical activities and so on.

Remember that lupus nephritis is not a fatal disorder as long as early and effective treatments are taken. If you still have any questions, please leave us a message below. Keep well!


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