How to Increase GFR 51 with Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

GFR 51 means that kidney are damaged moderately, and kidney disease patients are still in a reversible stage. So kidney disease patients must have a timely and effective treatment to protect the remaining kidney function which can compensatory work and keeping the normal life of patients. Usually when people are attacked by the Chronic Kidney Disease, the doctor will said there are nothing to do but waiting for dialysis and kidney transplant. But with Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotheraphy, we have cured many CKD patients. And we believe we can increase GFR 51 with our Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotheraphy.

How dose Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotheraphy increase GFR 51?

1.Expending blood vessel

The inflammatory medium and many kinds of oxidative stress responses will lead to the damage of vascular tissue which can cause the blood circulation disorder. At the same time, Hypoxic-ischemic of kidney occur. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotheraphy has the function of expending blood vessel, it can promoting the blood circulation.

2. Anti-inflammatory

The appear of kidney disease is due to the ultra immune response. Our therapy can block ultra immune response, protecting the remaining kidney function.

3. Anti-freezing

When inflammatory occur, platelet activity become stronger, which will lead to blood stasis at different degree. Therefore, hypoxic-ischemic of kidney will be more serious. While Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotheraphy can prevent blood stasis formation.

4. Degrading extra-cellular matrix

The invade of virus cause the hyperplasia of kidney innate cells with the extra-cellular matrix increasing. The active substances in Micro-Chinese Medicine can degrade extra-cellular, controlling the hyperplasia.

All in all, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotheraphy can repair the injured kidney innate cells and restore the immune system. GFR 51 can be increased withMicro-Chinese Medicine Osmotheraphy. If you are interested in our therapy, you can contact our online doctors or leave our message.


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