How Long Could a Patient Survive on Dialysis

How Long Could a Patient Survive on DialysisThis is a pretty common question frequently asked by people who undergoing dialysis or plan to. How long can I live? What about my lifespan? How long could a patient survive on dialysis?

Statistics collected reveals that some people, for instance Ed Strudwick, who has lived with dialysis for nearly 36 years on hemodialysis; others, by contrast, could live as short as several months or even weeks. So what are the influencing factors associated with dialysis?

The adequacy of dialysis matters.

Due to the limited medical conditions of dialysis center or economic condition is not that good; a great deal of ESRD patients couldn’t access an adequate dialysis. Inadequate dialysis brings many problems and complications place the patients at high risks. On the contrary, those who enjoy a sufficient dialysis won’t have those problems and are able to be in a good health.

Take exercises, make certain life-related changes and follow a kidney-friendly diet do help.

Some may think people on dialysis should better not take exercises just like healthy people, which is totally wrong. Moderate exercise can be helpful to promote the immunity and enhance one’s strength. But intensive exercises should be avoided, they may not help, but harmful. Lifestyle modification is necessary. Quit smoking if you are a smoker. Excessive consumption of alcohol can cause severe damage to the kidneys. So cut off the consumption of alcohol is vital to the survival as well as one’s quality of life. Kidney-friendly diet benefits because it can help reduce kidneys’ heavy burden.

Since sudden death is pretty common in people on dialysis, so preventing its occurrence means a lot. It is able to improve the survival rate and lifespan significantly. According to the report from USRDS, more than half of the cardiac deaths in dialysis patients are the result of cardiac arrest. It is also shown that the older the patients are, the higher risk they will suffer. By taking ACE inhibitors, angiotensin-receptor blockers and some other certain drugs help reduce the mortality. But those drugs are often underutilized in ESRD or Renal Failure patients.

How long could a patient survive on dialysis? It depends on not just the patients’ physical condition, age, gender, how early dialysis is received, but also how serious his illness condition is. Apart from all those factors, the influencing factors above are also essential. Want to know why and how to avoid all those factors? Ask our online doctors for FREE advice! We’re here to help!


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