Can I Live without Dialysis at High Creatinine 7.4

Patients with creatinine 7.4 are not away from dialysis and even some of them have accepted dialysis to remit the life threatens caused by some complications. However the result of dialysis is patients are more and more dependent on dialysis, but the creatinine level is unsteady and even higher than before taking dialysis. Why? Dialysis can not repair the kidney and just is a replacement of kidney functions at some degrees. With many pains, patients always want to a treatment so that they can live without dialysis.

Have you heard of Traditional Chinese Medicine which has 5000 yeas history in treating all kinds of disease and have obvious effects. For chronic kidney disease patients, it is really a good choice. And now let’s see how the Traditional Chinese Medicine lower creatinine 7.4. And all of the therapies are Chinese herbs-majored.

Hot compress: it also is called as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy which is applied on the kidney area. After crashing Chinese herbs into powers, the medicine is mixed with the penetrant. At the work of the osmosis equipment, the active substances in herbs can enter into body. The medicine can expend blood vessels, promoting the blood circulation to remove blood clots. The medicine also can absorb the immune complexes and crash them into broken metter which will be swollen by phagocyte. At the work of the medicine, the ultra immune response and renal fibrosis can be clocked.

Oral decoction: the dosages and kinds of Chinese herbs are given according to the specific condition of patients. And the main function of the medicine is cleaning all kinds of toxins in blood.

Chinese patent medicine: Maikang composition is necessary for the whole course of treatment, it can unchoke the blood vessels and promote the blood circulation, decreasing the deposition of wastes and anti-inflammatory.

All of the treatment can make sure the blood in whole body are pure and smooth. With these kinds of blood keeping kidney metabolism, the kidney damage can be stopped and the kidney functions can be improved. And patients can live without dialysis with creatinine 7.4. If you are interested in our Traditional Chinese Medicine, contact our online doctors, leave us messages or send email to, we will reply you within 24 hours.


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