Is Parsley Good for High Creatinine Level

Is Parsley Good for High Creatinine LevelIt is known to all, the diet for patients with high creatinine level is very strict. So, can patients eat parsley? Please follow me to find the answer.

As other vegetables, parsley contains abundant vitamin A, B, B6, which are essential substances that our body needs. In addition, there is rich carotene in parsley. Besides, parsley also contains massive iron and calcium.

So, can patients with high creatinine level eat parsley?

Generally speaking, patients can eat the vegetable. However, due to the illness condition varies from person to person. So, whether all the patients can eat it or not is unclear. Patients should pay attention to the following points:

High potassium level

Generally, patients with high creatinine level can also present high potassium level. Because parsley contains some potassium, thereby, too much parsley can aggravate high potassium level, it is not beneficial to delay the progression of kidney damage. So, patients should limit the intake of parsley.

High phosphorus level

Due to there is lots of phosphorus in parsley, patients should pay attention to it. Because too much phosphorus can cause irregular heart beat, it is possible to cause heart problem and other related diseases. Patients should consult with doctors before eating the vegetable.

Expect for parsley, there are still many diet details patients should notice.

Such as, patients should limit the intake of protein. Because too much protein can increase the burden fo failed kidneys, it is bad to control the disease.

Patients should also keep a diet of low-fat, low-salt. Lots of salt can increase edema, it can also damage blood vessels, it is not beneficial to control high blood pressure. And massive fat can cause hyperlipidemia, which can cause great pain to patients.

Except for the above details, our doctors has made a more detailed food list, if you want to get such a diet list, send your test report to

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