Knowing The Kidney Disease From the Urine Colour

Knowing The Kidney Disease From the Urine ColourThe normal urine colour usually is faint yellow or deep yellow which are caused by the urochrome. The urine color is related with many factors such as weather, diet, fluid intake and so on. Generally speaking, the urine colour is more clear in cold days while yellow in the hot days. The urine of people who have many acidic foods intake is deeper in color than the people loving alkaline foods. But the urine color of kidney disease patients is deflected to yellow and different kidney disease suffer the different urine colour.

1. Colorless urine: except the reason of too much water intake, if you have symptom of colorless urine, it may be related with diabetes insipidus, diabetic nephropahty.

2. Brown urine: people are always scared by the brown urine. And according to the process of urine generating, the experts think that the brown urine often is accompanied with bleeding in urinary tract, renal stone, renal failure, acute nephritis, lupus nephritis and so on.

3. Red urine: most people think that the red urine is the blood urine. In fact, some medicines also can lead to the red urine, but a large number of red urine conditions are caused by red blood cells in urine. The kidney diseases which can cause blood urine include chronic kidney failure, nephrotic syndrome, end stage renal failure, acute renal disease, lupus nephritis and so on.

4. Tawny or yellow-green urine: in clinic, we can see this symptom occasionally. The tawny or yellow-green urine maybe are caused by some medicines intake and the other cause is the increase of urobilirubin and urobilin which can be leaded by chronic renal failure, hydronephrosis, nephrotuberculosis, nephropyelitis and so on.

Except we mentioned, there are other kinds of urine colours such as milk white, blue, and all of them are caused by the kidney disease. Knowing the urine knowledge is good for kidney disease patients to have a positive treatment with their doctors.

Urine is the metabolism wastes produced by kidney and the urine colours reflect the kidney function directly, so paying attention to the urine colour is necessary for kidney disease patients, as well as common people. And if you want to know more information about kidney disease, contact our online doctors, leave us messages or send email to, we will reply you within 24 hours.


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