Diagnosis for a Kidney Tumor in Early Stage

Diagnosis for a Kidney Tumor in Early StageA kidney tumor refers to a mass of abnormal cells that formed within the kidneys. As with different types of kidney tumor, early detection can help improve the success rate and offer better treatment options.

Kidneys lie deep in the body, therefore, kidney tumor may not lead to some obvious symptoms in the initial stage. To be honest, many people are occasionally diagnosed with this disorder during a routine physical examination.

B Ultrasound: As an economical and noninvasive method, it utilizes sound waves to produce image of internal organs, helping the nephrologist to detect any masses that may occur, such as, simple kidney cyst, a tumor or inferior vena cava tumor thrombi.

Urinalysis: the most common sign of a kidney tumor is blood in the urine. This test can also detect other irregularities in the urine, such as, protein, tumor cells and so on.

CT scan: It is used to visualize internal organs and provide an accurate cross-sectional picture of the body. This test is of highly accuracy, and the rate can up to 95%.

MRI: Another way of making cross-sectional images of the body with the help of magnets and radio waves. Compared with the former test, it can help assess certain areas of the body.

According to a research, about one-half to tow-thirds of the patients may present a range of symptoms, such as, fever, back pain, fatigue, poor appetite, weight loss, etc. Once these discomforts occur, it is essential to do some checks to assess the urinary tract system. As blood in urine is a common reason why patients seek for medical help.

Besides, we also provide patients with some special tests. Such as, kidney damage test, blood toxins test and so on. If you are eager to know this, please consult with our live doctor directly.

The above contents are mainly on how to detect kidney tumor in early stage, anything unclear, feel free to leave us a message below. Best wishes!


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