What are the Inducing Factors of Kidney Tumor

What are the Inducing Factors of Kidney TumorActually speaking, the exact cause of kidney tumor is still unknown. It is generally acknowledged that the following factors are related to this disorder:

Smoking: At present, for the onset kidney tumor, the most widely recognized environmental factor is smoking. Harmful chemicals in tobacco can be absorbed into the bloodstream via vessels in the lung, then with the help of kidneys, urine occurs. For this reason, harmful substances can cause damage to renal cells. Also, the longer the smoking, the higher the risk.

Obesity and diet: This disorder is very common among the obese people. As over-weight can cause changes in estrogen levels, which is responsible for the occurrence and development of various tissues and organs in the body. In addition, typical western diet like high protein, high fat, frequent consumption of dairy products as well as tea and coffee are also related to kidney tumor.

Occupational factors: Studies have reported that workers engaged in the metal industry, chemical industry, rubber industry, printing industry and so on are more easily affected by this disease.

Iatrogenic factors: some iatrogenic factors, for example, thorium dioxide (worked as a contrast agent), phenacetin (used as painkiller), radiation therapy and anti-hypertensive drugs (especially thiazide diuretics) are also related to this disease, but these factors are very slight. Hemodialysis needed in the advanced stage of kidney disease is also another risk factor.

Genetic factors: The occurrence of kidney tumor has a certain relationship with heredity. And some people can get the genetic predisposition from their parents, compared with normal person, their DNA has changed to a certain degree, therefore, the risk of presenting this disorder is elevated.

The above is mainly on inducing factors of kidney tumor, and we really hope you can gain a lot. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to chat with our online doctor or email us:kidneyfight@hotmail.com. Best wishes!


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