Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital Introduction

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why choose Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital?

Once kidney disease occurs, it is particularly difficult to be treated throughout one's whole life. But why? Because kidney disease is caused by the deposition of immune complex, overmuch immune complex triggers immune inflammatory reaction accounting for the damages of renal intrinsic cells as well as tissues. Problem is no effective medications and techniques can clear immune complex out of human body until now. That's why using traditional medications to suppress immune inflammatory reaction is still the main trend in the world today.

Due to poor therapeutic effect coming from traditional treatment along with costly expenses, therefore quite a lot of patients who could have been cured have passed away from all those reasons.

26 years of experience and expertise do make the difference

For over 26 years, Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital specializes in exploring new ways to prevent as well as treat kidney disease. After so many years' development, we have become one of the largest kidney hospitals all around the world.

Individualized care

Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital not only provides the cutting-edge techniques, but also delivers individualized care and outcomes for every single patient. Each of the patients is able to receive specialized treatment plan in our hospital, which ensure the therapeutic effects as well.

Our world class equipments set us apart

As always, we pay extreme attention to state-of-the-art equipments across the world, which explains why we own our brand-new diagnosis system. Our medical equipments are made by Roche, Topcon, Beckman, Mindray and Plasauto, to name a few. Meanwhile, we try to keep our price affordable without sacrificing the quality of treatment.

To cherish the life care with tremendous efforts, to build a harmonious hospital with relentless endeavor.

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How to get here?

It depends on where you are. We recommend you to book airline ticket to

▪ Beijing Capital International Airport

▪ Guangzhou Baiyun Airport and then transfer to Zhengzhou International Airport.

After you arrive at Beijing Capital International Airport, take taxi or bus to Beijing West Railway Station; after getting there, catch bullet train to zhengzhou Railway Station. Normally it will take you two hours.

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Are there any supermarkets nearby?

A small convenience store locates in the A building, floor one. You can buy some daily necessities over there. Moreover, a plaza similar to Wal-mart and Carrefour situates nearby. It is pretty convenient for shopping.

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What about my lodging?

Family-form wards are available, usually two caregivers are allowed in one ward. What's more, chain hotels around here are also available, such as Home Inns, 7 Days Inn, to name a few. Those hotels aforementioned are two of the biggest chain hotels across the country.

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Any park or garden over there?

The Water Park situates right next to our hospital. Only a few minutes take to walk there. It is a large scale free park, one of the best places you can visit. Mild exercises can be done over there. In addition, one of the largest ferris wheel as well as roller coaster locates here making itself the optimal place for both children and adults.

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About the dining and nutrition services?

For family members: the family-form ward allows the patient live with their family members; meanwhile, Kitchenette is available in every single ward, so your family can cook as they want. If they are big fan of Chinese food, of course they can visit our own canteen for dinner.

But as for the patients, there are some restrictions. Doctor and registered dietitians will help the patients get enough nutrition and minimize side-effects by diet.

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Is there a mosque or chapel in the hospital or nearby?

Yes, Mosques and chapels can be found in Xinhua Rd, which locates in the very same district with our hospital. Besides, more and more churches and mosques appear in zhengzhou, you can go wherever you want. Your International Patient Assistant is able to provide you with a list of the mosques, chapels and synagogues in the city of zhengzhou.

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How's the weather in zhengzhou?

The city lies in temperate zone, north China. Average summer temperature highs of more than 87°F (30°C) while average winter temperature of 33°F (1°C), so please be prepared, taking right clothing as well as comfortable shoes with you. No hurricane over there, so no need to worry severe weather like that.

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Are there any banks where I can exchange or withdraw my money?

Neighbor banks include: Bank of China, HSBS, ICBC (Industrial and Commercial Bank of China), ABC (Agricultural Bank of China), CBC (China Construction Bank), PSBC (Postal Savings Bank of China), to name a few. Exchange your money in Bank of China or withdraw them from any of the banks aforementioned.

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I can't speak Chinese, how to deal with the language problem?

We provide interpretation services in order to break the language barrier.

Besides, we provide one-to-one support, whatever you do or wherever you go, your own interpreter will accompany with you.

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Is there wireless network so that I can surf the Internet or send E-mails?

Free wireless network provided in every patient's room. Bring your own laptop because computers aren't available in the hospital.

Other services include: printer, fax machine and copier etc.

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Laundry facility in the hospital?

We provide washer-dryer facilities in every single ward. Laundry soap can be purchased in the convenience store in building A, floor one. FYI, the dryer cleaner outside the hospital charges varying from 15 to 50 RMB, if you want to do the laundry in there.

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Is there a television or something that I can entertain myself?

The hospital provides informational and entertainment television programming. It offers popular news, current sports and entertainment channels. All the channels are free of charge.

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What are the visitation policies that I should know?

Different from other hospitals, there's no limitation of visiting hours here. We provide 24 hour service per day, which explains why you can visit whenever you want.

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Our other services include?

Flight Arrangement & Extensions / Visa Assistance
Airport pick-up
Schedule medical appointment
Coordination of the admissions process>
Expense budget
Processing of medical second opinions
Hotel reservation
Language Interpretation
Foreign currency exchange
Remote consultations via Telemedicine
Local sightseeing

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