Can FSGS be Cured by Herbal Supplements

Can FSGS be Cured by Herbal SupplementsFSGS is a common kidney disease, which has the features like intricate pathogenesis, deteriorating fast, bad prognosis and so on. What is worse, it is easy to come back after transplanted. And well, can FSGS be cured by herbal supplements?

FSGS is a sclerosis of glomerulus, which can be caused by innate factor or acquired disposition. For an example, with the development of diabetic kidney disease, hypertensive nephropathy, IgA nephropathy and other kidney disease, the sclerosis will come out, leading to rapid decline in kidney function. This is a reason why it is hard to treat FSGS. Moreover, the FSGS patients will have nausea, high blood pressure, edema and other poisonous reactions due to the lowered kidney function. For keeping vital sign, dialysis and transplant will be done at last.

Back to herbal supplements, some herbs actually have some properties of hindering the process of FSGS. But due to the different illness conditions, the herbal supplements may not realize the effects you expect. So that, the patients would better to accept a comprehensive treatment to control their illness condition well.

Here I recommend Toxin-Removing Therapy in which the herbs will be applied orally and externally in Moxibustion, Cycle Therapy, Full Bath Therapy, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and other remedies according to the patients’ illness conditions for relieving the renal anemia and renal anoxia, eliminating the deposited poisons, improving blood circulation, etc. Also, it has the function of rebuilding renal function and structure.

Provided the kidneys are restored, the symptoms and complications will be disappeared, the patients can live a relatively normal life. In the meanwhile, dialysis and transplant can be avoid effectively.

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