Chinese Medicine and Transplant Which One is Better for FSGS

Chinese Medicine and Transplant Which One is Better for FSGSChinese medicine and transplant which one is better for FSGS patient?” If you are interested in this, please read this article or contact Online Doctor for details directly.

FSGS stands for Focal Segmental Glomerular Sclerosis in which situation some glomerular in the kidneys have lost their functions. For maintaining FSGS well, the patients need to prevent so many factors and they would better to recover kidney function as well.

Before we introduce how to treat FSGS kidney disease safely and efficiently, people should know why they get FSGS kidney disease. Because of the low immunity, the inflammatory cells will invade kidneys, which is caused by immune complexes (IGM, C3) deposit on kidneys with poor blood circulation, then immune inflammatory reaction and kidney damage happen, resulting in lower renal function and so much discomforts.

Back to the treatment:

Transplant is the last measure to help the patients turn back to the high quality life. After transplanted, the patients need to take anti-rejection drugs in the rest of their life, and FSGS will come back easily.

Chinese Medicine includes Acupuncture, Steaming Therapy, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and others. During the treatment, one or some of these natural treatments will be picked up and adopted for driving out all the harmful substances covering foreign materials and accumulated poisons of body, quicken blood circulation, adjust immune system and enhance kidney self-detoxification ability. As long as the kidneys are restored, the patients can carry on with a fairly ordinary life.

In short, the patients are supposed to take the treatments according to their illness conditions.

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