What to Do If Creatinine is Reached Up To 6.9 for FSGS Patients

What to Do If Creatinine is Reached Up To 6.9 for FSGS PatientsIncreased creatinine level usually be a symbol of the seriously damaged kidneys in which case the patients have to endure many discomforts or fact life danger. While, what to do if creatinine is reached up to 6.9 for FSGS patients?

FSGS means there are somethings wrong with the glomerular, the filtrator in the kidney to clean the blood. Besides, in the early stage of FSGS, the patients will have a normal creatinine as the kidneys can hold its function to excrete toxins enough provided only half of the glomeruli in the kidneys are working well. But the patients will have some symptoms like swelling, proteinuria, hematuria, etc. If the patients do not pay attention to them, they will achieve the high creatinine level and dialysis at last.

Generally speaking, the FSGS patients with creatinine 6.9 will be recommended to take dialysis. But in fact, as long as the patients still have good urine output, they can take natural treatments and avoid dialysis effectively.

In China, Chinese herbal treatments will be adopted to treat the FSGS patients from the root causes. During the whole treatment, the patients will be given well-planned meals, healthy live style, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Medicated Bath, Immunotherapy and other methods for activating blood circulation, dispelling blood stasis, driving out toxins, removing excess water and producing more urine. By this way, the kidney damage is stopped and the kidneys will begin to recover since the kidney gains more blood, oxygen and nutrients in a cleaned surrounding.

When the kidneys are revived, creatinine 6.9 will be dropped down naturally, the patients can enjoy their life without dialysis.

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