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Can People with FSGS Eat Watermelon

Nowadays, watermelon is enjoyed by most of the people around the world with rich nutrition and delicious taste. Especially in summer, watermelon always can bring people cool feeling. But for kidney disease patients, they need a strict diet...Read More

Can FSGS Patients Eat Curry Rice in Daily Diet

According to nephrologists, FSGS should arrange a reasonable diet which should not increase the kidneys burdens or even cause damages to the kidneys. Now curry rice has become popular foods in all over the world for its delicious taste. The...Read More

Can a Person With FSGS Drink Liquor

The diet for Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis(FSGS) is very strict, so, can patients drink liquor? Next, we will give you the answer. Before answering the question, we should learn something about the disease. FSGS is a disease that can a...Read More

Can a Patient with FSGS Drink Alcohol

Nowadays, many patients are suffering from FSGS, they are eager to know whether they can drink alcohol or not. Please follow me and know more about the issue. FSGS refers to a condition in which scar tissue developes in the glomeruli of kid...Read More

What is the Healthy Diet Plan for FSGS Patients

What is the healthy diet plan for FSGS patients? Even if there is no such a food list that can cure this disease, we can still provide patients with some beneficial suggestions in diet....Read More

Can Patients with FSGS Drink Alcohol

For people with FSGS, they should realize the importance of healthy diet. Well then, can they drink alcohol? Today we are going to talk about this issue. Let us have a look at the following contents. ...Read More

How to Live Healthy with Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis(FSGS)

Patients with FSGS usually have such a doubt: how to live healthy with this disorder.Follow me and you will find the answer. ...Read More

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