How To Increase Urine Output for Dialysis Patients

urine outputDialysis is widely used to clear away toxins and excess wastes for prolonging the life expectancy, due to it can not recover kidney function and some other reasons. In the end stage of dialysis, patients’ urine volume will be less or no. Following this article to get the method how to increase urine output.

Dialysis patients have urine that means there is blood in kidneys, so there is a big hope to repair the diseased cells and tissues. In clinical, if there is urine that there will be hope. So we should not give up the treatments to repair the damaged kidney to increase urine out. At the same time, if your urine volume increase that your kidney function is improving. So we should try our best to increase urine out.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is very popular in china, more and more kidney disease patients are improving kidney function in the therapy. There are lots of patients come from all over the world for Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

All the patients renal function have improved a lot with the active ingredients. It is an application with two medicated bags, and it contact osmotic machine, active ingredients will penetrate inside kidney lesions to repair the diseased cells and tissues. It has good effects on expending the blood vessels, improving blood circulations, promoting the metabolism, so once the damaged kidney is repaired that it will not be easy to relapse.

After several times treatments, all complications can be relieved in 10-15 days, such as proteinuria, hematuria, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, poor appetite and so on will relieve effectively. With the improve renal function that you can find the increased urine output. So it can help you reduce the times of dialysis, and there is also big hope to avoid dialysis.

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