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ESRD Treatment

kidney Failure 5 Stage Patients Get Rid of Urea In The Body

Urea is a product of protein metabolism, which can not be eliminated by dialysis. Kidney is damaged that urea will build up in body gradually, and it is difficult to be removed out by traditional western medicines. Following this article to...Read More

If GFR Is Low: Can It Be Improved By Medicine

The whole name of GFR is glomerular filtration rate, which shows the filtered fluid in kidneys. GFR is low means that your kidney has damaged seriously, so in most conditions, it can show your kidney function. GFR is less than 10% that the...Read More

Is Kidney Transplant the Only Way for Kidney Failure 5 Stage Patients

In end stage renal disease, patients renal functions are very low, which almost can not work. So they need kidney transplant to save the life. Lots of kidney disease patients think that kidney transplant is the only choice for a longer and...Read More

How Can End Stage Renal Disease Patients Avoid Dialysis Successfully

End stage renal disease is the last stage of kidney disease, lots of patients will be recommended dialysis or kidney transplant. Due to all kinds of reasons, countless of patients consult us how to avoid dialysis, following this article to...Read More

How To Increase Urine Output for Dialysis Patients

Dialysis is widely used to clear away toxins and excess wastes for prolonging the life expectancy, due to it can not recover kidney function and some other reasons. In the end stage of dialysis, patients urine volume will be less or no. Fol...Read More

Why Patients Still suffer from Decreasing Kidney Function after Kidney Transplant

Usually, it is commonly believed that kidney transplant is a permanent cure for kidney failure patients. They could live a life in the rest of their life. However, why kidney failure still suffer from decreasing kidney function after kidney...Read More

Is There Any Chance to Reverse End Stage Renal Disease with Dialysis

I was diagnosed with end stage renal disease and undergoing dialysis. Is there a chance this could be reversed ? Do you have the same problem as this article talked about? If so, please contact Online Doctor directly. End stage renal diseas...Read More

Natural Healing for End Stage Renal Disease

End Stage Renal Disease is the last stage renal disease in which there are more diseased or even dead kidney cells and tissues than normal cells and tissues. Patients need to take effective measures as soon as possible to save the diseased...Read More

How to Reduce Creatinine 9.3 with End Stage Renal Disease without Having Dialysis

End Stage renal disease means that you are already at the last stage renal disease in which patients are more likely to experience various poisoning symptoms and complications. Although dialysis helps patients slow down illness progression,...Read More

Can Anything be Done for GFR 15 with End Stage Renal Disease

GFR 15 shows that your kidney function is so weak that they can not maintain your normal life properly. Furthermore, the toxins and wastes deposited in blood make you suffer from a series of discomforts. As a result, a treatment is needed t...Read More

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    How creatinine 1400 is Reduced safely

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