What is the Prognosis of ESRD for People on Dialysis

What is the Prognosis of ESRD for People on DialysisIn advanced stage of kidney disease, namely ESRD, patients are usually suggested to undergo dialysis or a kidney transplant to excrete wastes out of the blood and prolong their life expectancy. Then, what is the prognosis of ESRD for people on dialysis?

Dialysis is a procedure that helps the body to perform the functions of impaired kidneys. Honestly speaking, dialysis can help excrete some small molecular substances out of the blood, for instance, creatinine, blood urine nitrogen, electrolyte, etc, in this way, it can help lower the possibility of presenting serious complications.

Even if it can help filter waste products to a certain degree, the middle molecular substances and macromolecular substances still exist in the kidneys. Meanwhile, patients may resort to it for several times per day. When the procedure is accomplished, a range of side effects may occur, such as, headache, infections, fever, restless leg syndrome, fatigue and so on. More importantly, kidney function can not be restored fundamentally. And all these factors can greatly affect the prognosis.

As for their life span, it is really hard for us to provide an accurate answer. Some may live two years, while others may live five years.

To improve the prognosis, experts in field provide people with the following treatments:

Blood-purification technique It mainly consists of hemodialysis, hemofiltration, hemoperfusion, plasma exchange, immune absorption and CRRT. And these techniques are adopted on the specific illness condition, what’s more, they can help filter the middle molecular substances and macromolecular substances out of the blood.

Hot compress therapy It is innovation of TCM, but applied externally. By dilating blood vessels, anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation, degrading extracellular matrixes and supplying nutrients for the injured kidneys, kidney function will be enhanced eventually. Besides, the herbs are all come from nature and they will not cause harm to the patients’ body.

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