ESRD: Life Expectancy with Less Than 15% Kidney Function

ESRD: Life Expectancy with Less Than 15% Kidney FunctionBased on the GFR level, chronic kidney disease can be divided into five stages, and ESRD is the advanced stage of CKD. Then how long can ESRD patients live with less than 15% kidney function?

To be honest, it is really hard for us to provide such an accurate answer. As the life span is affected by many factors, such as, diet, lifestyle, treatments, etc.

In general, without effective treatment, the average life expectancy can be 6 months. As for those on dialysis, some of them can live 3 to 5 years. For people receive a successful kidney transplant, they can live much longer. However, these are always shortcomings. For example, the cost, difficulty in finding a appropriate kidney and so on.

However, patients can do the following things well to live a longer life and enjoy the beauty of life.

Blood-purification techniques and Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

A combination of these two methods can help eliminate different types of toxins and waste products from the body, meanwhile, they can increase the self-curative ability and restore kidney function fundamentally.

As for the latter treatment, it has aroused more and more attention in recent decades. It is is very convenient and comfortable. And sufferers do not need to worry about the adverse effects, because the herbs are come from nature. If you are interested in this, email and we will provide you a personalized herbal list within 2 business days.

Well control of complications In some cases, patients do not die of this disease itself, but the possible complications. For example, irregular heartbeat, heart failure and so on. If you are presenting some of them complications, you need to talk with your doctor as soon as possible.

If you happen to be a person with ESRD and less than 15% kidney function, remember that early and effective treatment play significant roles in prolonging the life expectancy. Any follow-up questions, please leave us a message below.


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