Life Expectancy for ESRD Patients without Dialysis

Life Expectancy for ESRD, dialysis, ESRDWhat is the life expectancy for ESRD patients without dialysis? It seems that dialysis can be a very common treatment at ESRD, however, to those patients who have not been on dialysis or refuse to take dialysis, what will happen? Here we will talk about the life expectancy for ESRD patients.

No one can give an exact answer to the life expectancy for ESRD patients, and it is easy for us to understand the reason. That is because it can be caused by many factors like patients’ age and whether there are some fatal complications such as cardiovascular diseases. Patients should know ESRD itself will not cause death directly, but its life-threatening complications can.

For your own condition, if you are experiencing some obvious complications like severe nausea and vomiting, severe swelling, pulmonary edema, heart problems or your serum creatinine level exceeds 6.5mmol/l, the urgent dialysis should be started, otherwise the life expectancy for ESRD will be affected greatly.

However, if you do not have those obvious symptoms or complications mentioned above, and your serum potassium level is still in the normal range, then dialysis can be postponed. At this time, you should go and find the proper treatments to treat your disease from the root to improve the life expectancy for ESRD, though there is no an exact answer.

At ESRD, there is no doubt that patients’ blood has been polluted, and we can know this from the abnormal items on your test reports. So, the first step to treat ESRD should be cleaning the blood and letting kidneys and any other organs be in a clean environment, then we will try to repair kidney damage and gradually recover renal function to save patients’ own kidneys. We do believe this can help improve the life expectancy for ESRD, and what do you think? Have a question about treatment plan for your condition? Leave us a message or consult online doctor freely, we are glad to help.


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