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ESRD Prognosis Prevention

The Life Expectancy of Patients with ESRD

Generally speaking, ESRD patients with the serious kidney function decline would suffer more complications and symptoms which even threaten the life of patients. So the life expectancy always is the question that patients concern about. Act...Read More

Life Expectancy for ESRD Patients without Dialysis

What is the life expectancy for ESRD patients without dialysis? It seems that dialysis can be a very common treatment at ESRD, however, to those patients who have not been on dialysis or refuse to take dialysis, what will happen? Here we wi...Read More

What Is The Life Expectancy after Kidney Transplant in End Stage Renal Failure

After end stage renal failure take kidney transplant, the question they most curious about is the life expectancy. The performance of kidney transplant usually are showed with the survival rate of patients and kidney transplant has become t...Read More

How Long Can I Live with ESRD without Dialysis

ESRD refers to a serious disease in which about 85-90% renal function has been lost, patients have to choose dialysis to maintain their life. So, how long can i live without dialysis? Before answering the question, we should learn some some...Read More

What is the Prognosis of ESRD for People on Dialysis

Dialysis is a common method to help excrete wastes out of the blood and improve the prognosis of ESRD. Then, what is the prognosis of ESRD for people on dialysis? ...Read More

ESRD: Life Expectancy with Less Than 15% Kidney Function

Based on the GFR level, chronic kidney disease can be divided into five stages, and ESRD is the advanced stage of CKD. Then how long can ESRD patients live with less than 15% kidney function? ...Read More

How to Prevent End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD)

ESRD refers to a medical condition in which the kidney function is less than 15%. Then, are there some effective preventive measures? ...Read More

How Long Can Patients with ESRD Live

For ESRD patients, they must concern about how long they can live. Actually, there is no accurate answer for this question. The life expectancy has close connection with the treatments. ...Read More

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