Foods to Eat and Avoid While Treating ESRD

Foods to Eat and Avoid While Treating ESRDEnd-stage renal disease(ESRD) is a serious disease that can lead to death. The diet for the disease is very strict, so, what are the foods to eat and avoid while treating ESRD?

Avoid high potassium foods

Patients can present high potassium level easily, so, they should avoid the high potassium foods, such as, spinach, potato, mushroom, black fungus and so on. The common fruits that are rich in potassium are banana, peach, etc. Because in this disease, the failed kidneys cannot filter potassium out of the body, in this case, high potassium level can cause heart problems, muscle weakness and other complications.

Get rid of high phosphorus foods

In ESRD, phosphorus cannot be filtered properly, so, high phosphorus level will appear. Thereby, patients should get rid of some high phosphorus foods, for example, seafood, animal inner organs, egg yolk, etc.

Limit salt

Patients should limit the intake of salt, too much salt will damage blood vessels, cause high blood pressure, it is not beneficial to control ESRD. Common foods that are rich in salt like, pickles, processed or can foods.

Limit fat

Lots of fat will increase the burden of damaged kidneys, aggravate the progression of renal injury. In addition, too much fat can also cause hypertension, bring great pain to patients.

Supply high-quality protein

Protein can regulate cells activity, but patients should keep a proper intake of this substance. Some high-quality protein is necessary, such as, milk, egg white, fish, lean meat and so on.

Take abundant vitamin

Fruit and vegetables are rich in vitamin, patients should eat more fruits and vegetables, such as, apple, pear and so on.

After the above introduction, we do believe these suggestions can help you treat ESRD. However, the illness condition varies, so, the specific foods for patients is different. If you want to know which foods are good or bad for you, send to


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