Foods That Should be Avoided in ESRD

Foods That Should be Avoided in ESRDESRD(end-stage renal disease) is a condition in which the kidneys fail to work as normal. In this stage, the diet limitation is very strict, so, what are the foods that should be avoided?

The specific foods are summarized as follows:

Avoid high-potassium foods

It is known to all, potassium is essential to the body. However, in ESRD, the failed kidneys can not filtrate much potassium out of the body, so high potassium level may cause some severe complications, such as, heart problems, muscle weakness. Patients should avoid some foods or fruits rich in potassium, for example, spinach, potato, banana, peach and so on.

Get rid of high phosphorus foods

If patients have chronic kidney disease, they are at a higher risk of high phosphorus level, and high phosphorus level is harmful to patients’ health. So, patients should get rid of some foods abundant in phosphorus like sea food, tea, egg yolk, animal inner organs, etc.

Limit salt intake

The processed or can foods are rich in salt. For ESRD, the damaged kidneys can not filtrate the salt or sodium, especially if patients are experiencing high blood pressure, edema, salt is forbidden, because too much salt will aggravate the progression of renal injury, and cause more severe complications.

Low fat

Patients should keep a low-fat diet. Because lots of fat will increase the burden of failed kidneys, they should take plant oil to replace animal oil. In addition, plant oil can also reduce the occurrence of hypertension.

Besides, for ESRD patients, they should also take high-quality protein, some common foods are recommended, for example, milk, eggs, lean meat and so on, since protein can regulate cells activity. They should also supply abundant vitamin, such as, apple, pear, etc.

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