JF-800A Hemoperfusion

JF-800A HemoperfusionAmong the technologies of blood purification, hemoperfusion is one of best methods to discharge the medium molecule toxic substance in order to sustain the life of patients with renal failure. It is also effective to treat immunologic diseases cooperated with immunoadsorbent technics. Besides it is used to rescue the people who are poisoned by toxins or drugs.

In Peking Tung Shin Tang Chinese Medical Hospital, we have imported the best equipments of hemoperfusion around the world in order to provide the perfect service for patients with kidney diseases. JF-800A hemoperfusion is worked out with all the advantages of various types of equipments in hemoperfusion.

Features of JF-800A hemoperfusion

1. It has the most advanced control system and monitor of system so that it can keep patients serious during the whole progression of hemoperfusion.

2. The high-precision detector in JF-800A hemoperfusion to prevent the air embolism.

3. It also has the service of automatic injection of heparin and attemperator to keep blood warm all the time.

4. The warning device for altering high temperature is added in JF-800A hemoperfusion.

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