Heartstart Defibrillators

Heartstart DefibrillatorsIn very ward of our hospital there is a heartstart defibrillator in order to meet an emergency. The heartstart defibrillators all have the AED model which can provide the voice prompt and text information to direct doctor to save people’s lives. Thereby no matter who is in the ward, he can give a correct treatment to deal with the emergency. (There are always nurse or doctors nearby so do not worry)

Due to kidney diseases, the kidneys cannot function well and they cannot discharge toxic substance from the body. Thereby it is better for patients to be in a more secure environment. So it is very safe to hospitalize in Tung Shin Tang hospital . 

There are some advantages of the heartstart defibrillators which include:

1. The equipment can measure the chest wall impedance and send out electric shock according to the condition of individuals.

2. Quick charge.

3. It has the same frequency with cardioversion.

4. The description of operation specification is very simple and clearly understood.

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