Hospital Equipment

You can find the update and most-advanced equipment and technique here which are for accurate and comprehensive diagnosis and a staff of highly skilled for its use.

JF-800A Hemoperfusion

Among the technologies of blood purification, hemoperfusion is one of best methods to discharge the medium molecule toxic substance in order to sustain...Read more

Heartstart Defibrillators

In very ward of our hospital there is a heartstart defibrillator in order to meet an emergency. The heartstart defibrillators all have the AED model which...Read more

Emission Computed Tomography (ECT) for Kidneys

Emission computed tomography (ECT) is a nuclear medicine tomographic imaging technique using gamma rays...Read more

Electromyography (EMG)

In the diabetic department, electromyography is the essential equipment to measure the conducting function of nerves. It is known that diabetes...Read more

Overview of Plasauto IQ 21

We have imported state-of-the-art blood purification device named iQ21. There are only three sets in China; one of them is right in our hospital...Read more

Topcon TRC-300 Non-mydriatic Retinal Camera

Our hospital spent a great deal of money on the device, not only upgrades our hardware system, but aslo enhances our clinical diagnosis...Read more

Overview of Mindray DC-7 color Doppler B ultrasound

Our hospital equips with multiple cutting-edge facilities used for diagnosis as well as treatment. Mindray DC-7 is one of them...Read more

Beckman CX-9 Automatic Chemistry Analyzer

Beckman CX-9 automatic chemistry analyzer is widely used nowadays by lots of medical centers...Read more

Cobas c501 Module Chemistry Analyzer

Our hospital introduced the most advanced equipment named Roche cobas c501 module chemistry analyzer...Read more